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Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. The organization believes in assisting community to set out its choices and priorities, help them rank these priorities and in the process help them to mobilize their internal and external resources to deal with their preferences and in the process a sense of cooperation and co-ordination prevails making them realize their own skills and potentials which they need to harvest while dealing with the problems of the community. Number of activities that were conducted under the SCDP is mentioned in the table below.

Name of the Programme
Training  to farmers on Rabi/ Kharif Cultivation & Integrated pest Management 66
Training to ASHA/AWW on EBF 35
Training to SHG on Dairy 37
Training to VEC/PTA/MTA on their  Role & Responsibility 23
Training to SHG Members on Food Preservation( Pickle, Jam, Source, Mushroom) 21
Refreshment Training to ASHA/AWW on EBF 20