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ASHA-Orissa believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of Education. Because education is most important as it enables a child to realize his or her full potential; to think, question and judge independently; develop sense of self-respect, dignity and self-confidence; learn to love and respect fellow human beings and nature; in decision making; develop civic sense, citizenship and values of participatory decision making.


We express our heartfelt thanks to Meljol, Mumbai who provided us the opportunity to focus our actions to empower children and help them to instil value of education. The aim being that education should lead to change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the abilities to do, to think and to acquire habits, skills and attitude which characterize an individual who is socially accepted and adjusted. We at ASHA believe that Aflatoun Child Social & Financial education lead to Quality Education, which is key to overcoming poverty. It is also fundamental in creating a future for human security, community development and national progress. It is an enormous challenge. It is also an immense opportunity!


We have successfully completed another year of 2008-2009 seeking change   for disadvantaged. The activities were allowed very little time for the team to think, rethink & reflect on our actions, area needs improvement & lesson learnt upon which we can stress more. With limited resources & manpower we have utilized this year to bring about a meaningful change. 


Our Sincere thanks to Nuapada District Administration for their timely cooperation and support. Our special thanks to the teachers who not only shown their interest to manage Aflatoun Child Social & Financial Programme but also help the children to take lead role.


We are aware that the path we have chosen to walk is rough & tough; but still we believe a time will come when all eligible children will go to school every day, not work. Every school will have a roof, required numbers room for class and a teacher for 30 children. Children need not stay home to look after their younger siblings or migrate with their families in search of a better life. Every boy and girl will finish school.


 Because we believe it is better to light a candle than complaining about darkness. Hope you will cooperate to build a child friendly society and where communities living in harmony & dignity.









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